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Lemon and Clove Spray Deodorant

Lemon and Clove Spray Deodorant

Price: $10.85
Ingredients: Quadruple-distilled grain spirits, organic lemon essential oil, organic clove essential oil.
That's it... No "Bad" Stuff!"

Certification: Certified organic essential oils, 100% natural. We use 100% natural, quadruple-distilled pure grain alcohol.

Benefits: Easy application, clear non-aerosol spray, gentle on skin, non-staining, no residue. Essential oils prevent bacterial growth, no synthetic chemicals, no aluminum or estrogen mimickers, vegan, no animal testing, tested and verified to 10 ppm gluten-free. Can last up to 2 to 3 months, depending on use. Aluminum container is coated internally and externally with an inert, BPA-free epoxy so no chemicals or aluminum are leached in to the product. Plus, all of our deodorants come with a special replacement guarantee!

Do you love our original 'Pit Putty? Now you can get that fabulously spicy-citrus scent in a convenient spray! 100% natural pure grain alcohol thwarts odor-causing bacteria on contact, while organic lemon and clove essential oils prevent odor-causing bacterial growth and give you that wonderfully zesty lemon-spice scent that's great for both men and women.

1. Apply a few minutes after drying off from your shower. (Plus, make sure you smell fresh by doing a sniff test before you leave the shower.) Apply to DRY skin.
2. Spritz 3 to 5 times under each arm until adequately covered. Let dry before putting on clothes.
3. Freshen up during the day as needed. Use it alone as a deodorant, as the perfect complement to your 'Pit Putty, or even as an all-over body spray/perfume.

You can read the testimonials or just give it a try!

Shelf Life: 2 years after date of purchase.

Size: 2.5 oz

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