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Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub 8 oz

Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub 8 oz

Price: $14.99
Ingredients: Sea salt from the Great Salt Lake, vegetable glycerin, organic sunflower oil, decyl polyglucose, ground vanilla beans, Willamette Valley peppermint essential oil, natural vanilla oil, natural vitamin E (tocopherol), rosemary extract.
That's it...
No "Bad" Stuff!

Certification: Made with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.

Benefits: Contains no water, contains no synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers, exfoliates, moisturizes and cleanses skin all in one, contains absolutely no synthetic fragrances or colors, gentle on skin, vegan, no animal testing, gluten-free.

Take bath-time relaxation to a whole new level with our soothing, fresh Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub. Great Salt Lake sea salt helps exfoliate and replenish skin, while pure peppermint essential oil cools skin and gives it a fresh, minty tingle. Vanilla oil adds a rich, warm sweetness to perfectly balance out the cool peppermint, and real ground vanilla beans help exfoliate while giving this scrub its beautiful, deep color. Vegetable glycerin and organic sunflower oil moisturize, while decyl polyglucose, a super-gentle cleanser made from sugar and corn (rated a zero risk by the Environmental Working Group), creates a gentle lather to cleanse your skin. Unlike traditional salt scrubs, ours actually lathers, so you'll be exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing all at once! Also unlike most scrubs, which are just oil and salt, ours is non-greasy and won't leave an oil slick in your tub. Use it as your all-over body wash in a hot bath, and experience an invigorating hot and minty-cool sensation unlike any other!

1. Scoop out an equal mixture of liquid and salt.

2. Apply to wet skin, rubbing gently in circles for exfoliation and lather.  
3. Rinse and repeat as desired.

You can read the testimonials or just give it a try!

Shelf Life: 2 years after date of purchase.

Size: 8 oz

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