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6 oz Foamer Bottle Three Pack

6 oz Foamer Bottle Three Pack

Price: $7.99
Can't get enough of our shower gels and shampoos? Stretch them further and make them last longer with a foamer bottle! Comes with instruction booklet and recipe ideas. 

We don't add water to our shower gels and shampoos, so they're super concentrated. Just a little bit of shower gel added to a foamer bottle with some water (or an herbal infusion) will give you a nice rich lather. Have a shower-gel hog in your family that likes to use a LOT of gel? Now you can make your favorite shower gel last longer by using a foamer bottle!

How it works: A fine wire mesh pumps air in to the mixture, creating a lather that comes right out of the pump. Makes it easy to shave and clean--no lathering needed, so it saves time. (Hey, every 30 seconds counts, right?)

6 oz bottle made from BPA-free plastic

One 8 oz bottle of shower gel diluted as directed will fill the foamer bottle 8 times.

Because the wire mesh in the foaming mechanism is fragile, you can expect this bottle to last from 3 to 4 refills.

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